Aleppo’s Fall

TITLE:  Aleppo’s Fall
DIRECTOR: Nizam Najar
DURATION: 85 min.

When the Arab Spring came to Syria, the rebellion chanted about freedom, dignity, influence. To Syrian/Norwegian director Nizam Najar this was obviously a very legitimate offset. Who would oppose this? Who could oppose Ðemoving Assad from power? Indeed, a noble cause. The peaceful demonstrations were met by brutal force, and a few years into the civil war that followed, the Ðebellion was stuck. Nizam returns to Aleppo where he was born to find out why the rebels still have not won the war.

NIZAM NAJAR / Director, cinematographer
Educated as both filmmaker and journalist Nizam Najar made a convincing debut with DIARY
FROM THE REVOLUTION, which premiered at CPH:DOX 2012. Living in Oslo, Nizam has a
background from both Libya and Syria, and the film features rebel leader Haj Siddiq during the
uprising that lead to the fall of Gadhafi.
In THE FALL OF ALEPPO Nizam has found a courageous production team in Aleppo, and he
continues the strong corporation with the experienced and award‐winning editor Torkel Gjørv.
ALEPPO’S FALL / 2017 / Director photographer
DIARY FROM THE REVOLUTION / 2011 / Director photographer