AFRIN. The World Betrayed Us

TITLE:  AFRIN. The World Betrayed Us
DIRECTOR: Marek Sygacz
DURATION: 47 min.

On the 20th of January 2018  Turkish army together with  the FSA (Free Syrian Army) hit squads attacked  Afrin –the canton and the city situated in the North- West Syria.  The excuse for it was the fight against terrorism but fo real it was clearing the land of the indigenous  Kurdish people.  The last enclave of peace in the war – torn country fell. The Kurds had to leave the land they had inhabited for ages.  The name of the Operation was „Olive branch”
The film tells about these events. There are reports of witnesses and fighters in it, as well as unique photos from the siege of Afrin. The film also shows the situation in northern Syria in the seventh year of the war.