TITLE: Olancho
WWW: http://www.olanchomovie.com/
DIRECTOR: Chris Valdes & Ted Griswold
DURATION: 69 min.

Manuel, a farmer from Olancho, Honduras, seeks fame by making music for the region’s drug cartels. When some of his song lyrics anger a powerful drug lord, he is forced to flee his homeland. Now from a radio booth in the USA, Manuel recounts his story and tells of his new life as an undocumented immigrant.

Chris Valdes
After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2010 with a degree in psychology, he left Virginia for the first time to live in Central America and re-connect with his Latin roots. Having always admired his father’s love of storytelling, he aspires to carry on that tradition through the medium of film.

Ted Griswold
After graduating from Columbia University in 2010 with a degree in English and Spanish, he taught English for two years at a bilingual high school in the agricultural province of Olancho, Honduras. He fell in love with the local Honduran folk music and is now dedicated to sharing it with the world.